Welcome to Hickerson Arabians!

In the picturesque countryside just south of Sacramento, California, at the end of a long driveway lined by overhanging trees you will find Hickerson Arabians. The farm sits on a beautiful 8.5 acres of land, the front half of the property is home to the young and retired horses where they spend their time playing and enjoying the breeze and shade. The show barn and indoor arena sit at the back of the property where the show horses have a view of the pond from their spacious 12×12 stalls. With Todd’s home situated in the centre of the property, the horses have the 24/7 care and attention they deserve.

Todd Hickerson began his journey with Arabians when he was just five years old. He had a Purebred Arabian, Trinity Dawn, that he rode Endurance with. When he was just eight, they completed their first 50 mile ride and came in 2nd out of 80 riders. At twelve, they rode in the Tevis Cup. The Tevis Cup was started in 1955, it is the oldest modern day endurance ride that has been the inspiration and model for the most challenging endurance rides worldwide. Each rider who completes the 100 mile course from Tahoe to Auburn within the 24 hour limit and whose mount is judged fit to continue is awarded the coveted silver Completion Award Buckle. The Tevis Cup trophy is awarded to the person who completes the 100-Mile One-Day course in the shortest amount of time and whose horse is in sound condition and fit to continue. Todd was the youngest to complete the Tevis Cup, until just a few years ago!

Todd is an all around horseman, although he has had many wins in the English divisions he enjoys the challenge of a great Western horse. The diversity in his show string over the past year accounts for his dedication and understanding of the training process.

He describes multi-national champion Hunter gelding Cocoa Motion, “Horses like him are what motivate me, he was my favorite horse in the barn, he was my favorite to school everyday.” There are different techniques for each discipline but it is the understanding of the basic mechanics of the horse that allow for a trainer to excel in all areas of the showing and non-showing worlds.